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Dimensions, a game by me, demo nearly out!

2012-01-05 05:35:33 by terracrafter

I haven't been on in ages cos I'm working on a huge project!
I've been working on music, coding, and making a trailer.
Its a 2D Top Down game where you control a universe and build/destroy things at you will.
But, I'm gonna upload some music when I wake up.
I also have to fix the bloody spellcheck on my iPod, cos it ain't working very well.
And I'll post the trailer link when I make it.
I'm making a short teaser trailer, but a fellow game dev is helping me make an epic trailer!
Drewness360 is helping with music and sprites!
And heaps are helping me test.
When the first demo comes out, I'll put the link here.
Until tomorrow(9 1/2 hours til I wake up) have an awesome night/day/arvo/time in space/YouTube/ya house/YYG!


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