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I need to update my Newgrounds more often...

2012-06-17 06:35:08 by terracrafter

I haven't updated anything here(not including music) in ages!
I've been fairly busy on other sites though...

What's new?

- I now use Mixcraft(Registered) instead of FL Studio, and my music is improving IMO. I'm learning to add panning, EQ's, Reverb, Compression, and other effects to make my stuff sound more natural.

- I'm a Brony(yeah, I watch MLP. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!?!)

- I'm the Leader/Manager of an Animated Comedy series.

- I'm the head designer of a massive Internet project

- I'm part of a Podcast team

- I make money by creating music for people

- I have a disease that cause me to age once a year

- I'm taller


Newgrounds, please, PLEASE add support for mobile devices!
It was hell typing this!!!

I highly doubt anyone will see this, but oh well.


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2012-06-17 09:53:24

I know your pain. I, too, suffer from a disease that makes me age with time. I think Newgrounds has a lot of problems with older user retention these days.

At least you're being kept busy with some very successful hobbies!